We aim to be leaders in the development and manufacture of our PVC compounds, Nylon and Polypropylene, achieving the highest levels of efficiency, excellence, quality and security and always looking towards the total satisfaction of our client’s demands.

Develop, create and/or engage in commercial activities related to our thermoplastic compounds and our industrial food packaging materials, as well as medical venoclysis/ infusion equipment, and in industries such as the construction, the electric, the vehicle, as well as in shoe making and toys among many others depending on the different uses and applications. All this in a way we can meet our client’s demands and fulfill their expectations through innovation, implementation of efficient processes and the establishment of a long lasting professional relationship with our clients, providers and collaborates in which we all can benefit from.

The values and ethics practiced in PVC Global are part of our identity as a whole organization; we prioritize in the security of our collaborators, our clients and in the final consumer as well as in matters of environment and sustainability and therefore it is the frame reference that guides our decisions and actions towards our collaborators in both organizational and individual levels.